04 August 2010

The Man Who Did Too Little

Movement of Applied Thought / Paralysis of an Action Withheld

An action is an idea set in motion. It is an orchestration of nervous and muscular systems synchronizing the evolution of a thought. Any act therefore can be said to be like words, extrenal communication of internalized impression. Idea pure of action is only potential--only theory, perfectly possible insofar as it is never tried; never practiced; prohibited from kinesis.

What one is to do for creative balance is merge the internal with the external; integrate the two worlds. Think of the line in the Our Father prayer, "Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven." There is truth to this implication of harmony. One plane should mirror the other; or in opposing, face the stressful complication of attempting to rationalize two conflicting dimensions simultaneously.

What of actions without thought? How can there be a conflict in such a situation where only one dimension is active? During these instinctive motions--rhyme without reason--the purest of ideations are sparked awake in momentary life spans. When Idea skips the brain altogether and directly inspires the neuro-muscular messengers, the branch-end instrumentalists that improvise movements based on memory and applied theory--this is pure, unfiltered mind. Creative balance becomes absent; as expected when two dimensions fuse into one. If nature and logic do in fact marry, binding at the very essence, then there must be present, Intelligence within impulsive reaction.

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