03 August 2010

Alternate Route

It was my thought, not too long ago, that the way for me to push forward was to abandon my surroundings. I conspired to disappear and meet my grand adventure abroad, find what I may, surprise after surprise--and its a wonderful dream, a beautiful fancy but what of the one element that fails to be considered in my great escape plan. The one voice in my head that no distance may quiet, no ocean may paralyze, and no foreign language converse with--Love? No. Not at all love, even though it was heavily regarded before discovering what I was really after. Presence. Existence. I need to find that in this world I am able to grab hold of a small patch of universe, however temporary, and sign my name upon it. In time the small patch will expand and break apart the letters of my name; further down, each letter will be decomposed until nothing remains--nothing but time and space. Regardless of longevity, of lifespan and mortality, it isn't how long the signature will last that counts; its the fact that you were able to sign at all.

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