18 August 2010

And Nature Said Let Us Make Genes in Our Image


In the beginning, after the Creation, Nature (God) had just finished with Adam, the first single-cell. Nature had promised Adam all the living things of Earth, they would all somehow be the property of this first single-cell. Nature soon realized that Adam desired a companion, a way to survive and a proliferation that Nature itself also desired from Adam. This was when Adam was introduced to a process called reproduction, and he was split in half--this second half was called Eve. She was an exact replicate of Adam, equal in every way, without even a gender to separate the two from one another. Nature then instructed the two to propagate the garden, to spread over Eden and fully populate it.

It wasn't long before all of Eden was home to single-cells, copies of copies--very few altering from the majority. Some of the single-cells grouped into multi-celled units. These minute complexities inspired more absorption of energies. Eden was not equipped for the necessities of all the multi-celled units; Adam and Eve soon found that they had exhausted all of their resources. All except for the Tree of Knowledge, whose energy they were forbidden to use. The Tree of Knowledge was golden and far away but its fruit fell daily onto the garden. Within each ray of light that shone from the tree's branches, more than enough sufficient energy was to be discovered. But Nature had not permitted its usage. All would've remained as such if Evolution had not crawled into the garden and spoke onto Eve, "surely you shall not really die if you disobeyed Nature." Eve had designed a method called photosynthesis, and used energy from the Tree of Knowledge, she taught Adam and together they had solved their problem of limited resources--as the Tree daily shone and provided Knowledge.

For disobeying Nature, Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden. They were banished in the sense that Eden was removed from Earth, either buried beneath it or hidden above it. Photosynthesis had established a new excess of oxygen and carbon dioxide which Eden never carried, never intended. This banishment East of Eden, was an atmosphere that sheltered Earth and inspired complex forms of multi-celled units. And here we still are. Adam and Eve within us, the Tree of Knowledge above us, and Evolution constantly whispering new suggestions.

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