13 June 2010


Welcome. If you are here, and if you are reading, then it is to you that I write the following. Whether friend or foe, whether in accordance or friction, intensional or accidental; spectator, participant, follower, voyeur, critic, or simply most chronically curious; if you are here then to you and I, will I present my Self.

This blog is the movement from past to future. Just as my present past has from far behind found its home, leaving me to journey forward, so will this future present, one day become a past. And within these entries, I hope a secondary peripheral subsets. A subtle layer, not quite discernible until enough time ferments and results in an additional perspective, a by-product, the way yeast on grape juice creates wine. At finally after the journey to the end of the night, you and I may look back and "my dust will tell what my flesh would not."

Soon this space will be too small.

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