30 September 2011

The Only Time Society Cheers the Individual


If we were to lower our guard, our alertness--and become aware of what we're "not suppose" to be aware of, I don't necessarily believe that this is or has been set in place by a social infrastructure we live under. I would agree, that such a social infrastructure as the one we live under is inspired by the true cause of our selective sensory perception. I believe our social infrastructure takes advantage of our limited senses and goes as far as to outsmart itself to keep these available senses distracted, so that any awareness of an alternative perception is stifled--So even though, a fuller awareness may cause harm to the organization of society as we know it (or have come to know it)--I believe the true cause for this to be biological.

Our brain is a wonderful example of evolution and complexity--so much that technology has yet to synthesize a software to fully match or replace it. Its the control center for everything you know, will know, will experience in any lifetime. A severe blow to the head can paralyze you from the neck down, completely abandoned by the limbs and extremities that carry out orders from the gray wrinkled, matter that occupies the best parking space in your body. Brain is boss. Among all its purposes, and there are many, you can syphon a single, common goal--keep you alive! The brain is our one trick when we enter the pony pageant. The most important function of the brain, if not its only, is to keep you alive--to help you survive; to defend yourself if need be, in the name of self-preservation. Our sensory perception was designed with this in mind. We weren't overloaded. We have the general minimum. We don't see like a falcon, don't hear like a bat, don't sniff like a dog--its perfectly human to be limited. We've done well to survive as long as we have without any major improvement of our five senses, they've pretty much stayed the same since the dawn of man, haven't they?

That being said, there is no harm in wanting to expand our perception, even if it isn't necessary. This is probably why we will most likely face the same fate that awaited Icarus, deep down below. We should open our doors of perception, must in fact, if we are to fully see ourselves as we really are. One with the universe, that's the real you. The real me. Alan Watts is the universe teaching me what I already knew as Alan Watts. Terence McKenna is something the universe learned through Terence McKenna and connected multiple points within itself to other multiple points within itself--the network of cosmic existence. The only problem with all this is that the universe doesn't need to eat, doesn't need to breathe, or duck when someone yells "watch out!" At least not wholly, only segmentally through you and I. Being one with the universe distracts and even conflicts with being one with humanity. That's why society would prefer you not expand your consciousness. You're of no use at that point, you're cast out as "crazy", they give you a fancy name like "schizophrenic". One of the main definitions of either of these terms is "harmful to self and others." Is it physical harm or mental? Is it harmful for the self's position and status within the social infrastructure? if fully understood by the others, will they too break away from society? If the brain is our sharpest tool, then thoughts must be our fiercest weapon, our most dangerous employment of that medium.

If our consciousness is ever to expand in a collective and collaborative evolution, we will need a new society or even no society but a method of ensuring survival or biologically, we will fall. Our wax wings will melt. And yet, to have singularity--to fully connect all the information at all the points, with that sort of limitless perception will it even matter that we won't survive? Time and space would be experienced much differently through such a mind. Maybe thats what death is, when the Black Iron Prison is lifted and the third eye yawns wide-awake. Successful conscious life perhaps, can only happen by limiting that experience. And as we all know dead people can't buy McDonald's and make awful employees, so society sort of pushes towards limited conscious life.

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