26 April 2011

The Age of Apocalypse

APR-27 When one googles the word "apocalypse" the first result is the Wikipedia entry for Apocalypse. According to our Wikifriends, it is, and I quote: "a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception." Ironically we live in the information age.

What happens when everything is available? When memory is more important for your electronic gadgets than your mind?When people can go on for months socializing through an online social network, and when not socializing, occasionally dropping in unseen, to catch up by viewing photos, or reading statuses. Classes on youtube, forums for any topic imaginable, downloadable PDFs, pirated books and documentaries. When instead of remembering, you simply refer to google or bing via your pc, laptop, or phone. What happens when we have all the info yet we still don't know anything.

I had forgotten that Apocalypse means Revelation. Its very easy to forget this when Apocalypse has become synonymous with the end of the world. One imagines destruction, chaos, fire and avenging angels, seven-headed serpents, and other biblical cartoons--But the truth is simple and far more powerful, it means revelation. The revealing of Truth, the revealing of The Real. Its more Catharsis than Doomsday.

I am not religious or even spiritual. I will die and I am absolutely comfortable with that being that. I belief in individuals, I belief in the universe of the individual. Each person will have their catharsis, their day of reckoning with The Truth, every individual will one day face an Apocalypse. Maybe you'll read this and fight it, scoff and laugh on the outside. But within, internally, a spark has been ignited--one, you immediately recognize, in that dark side of your brain's moon, where you hide all the things inconvenient.

For some, this cleansing is a marvelous opus of relief, however painful or overwhelming--for others, it might as well be the end of the world. For the insecure, for the weak, for the leeches and vultures, for whom confidence never dresses, for whom happiness is never independent--for these, the Truth is plague, revelation is a burning mirror that snaps off their flesh entirely in one bite. They fight the Apocalypse until they die and they still lose. They are fragments, never whole.

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