27 December 2010

Salt on Everything

There just has to be a better use for cops. During this post-blizzard 2010, I was out in the late afternoon and early evening snapping pictures that eventually froze my fingers. I couldn't remember where I left my gloves the night before. Anyway, how many cop vans did I see? Maybe it was the same two, following me around. At any rate, every 5 to 10 minutes--there, on any given street, a slowly passing van, sirens muted but silently judging; 5-0 lurking like perverts through snow covered asphalt.

Honestly, someone should snap on a snow plow to the vans, or give the officers shovels to help the many citizens they're suppose to "serve" and "protect"--maybe they should drive Mud trucks and sell coffee and hot chocolate. Anything other than patrolling like watchmen, like sentinels, doing nothing besides making one feel guilty for being innocent. There's a lot of melting salt that needs to be spread, and I can clearly recall there being a great number of police officers, a surplus of flatfoots with the same confused look on their faces, like a badge, that shines like a rabbit in headlights. They're just waiting for a simple task, something that matches their abilities--salt spreading!

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